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I've built a brand (from ordinary stay at home moms like me) into strong women, doing incredible things for others while reclaiming the precious time they now have and spend with their families.

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Over 11,000 coaches successfully create a nice secondary income while constantly improving their own health and energy levels!

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This is NOT a spam account nor is it a get rich quick scheme... It's a chance to change your life! To finally push things in the direction of your dreams and no longer having to adjust to what life throws at us.


Should you choose to join us, you will get -ME- Personally. I will mentor and show you everything I've done and more importantly step by step proven systems I've created to earn you instant income to help take the financial edge off. We will get you making money, seeing and feeling a difference your very first month!

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I pride myself and my past success on how well and fast you --feel and see a difference! Tried of working so many hours? Settling for what "they" will pay you? Both of you working? Not having the extra money to do or buy those cool things for your kiddos? So was I. and 8yrs. later at more than six figures a month, I don't NEED TO DO THIS. My heart pours out for you... I want every mom to find true freedom, their happy place! It starts as a great side income and the most amazing group to be part of. Where you take it from there is limitless. I will walk or sprint this journey with you. That- is my promise. I love this stuff ;)

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Amanda Dewey

"When I first started as a Coach, I had to sacrifice so much to save up $120 to get started with Shakeology; I fed my kids hot dogs and tuna fish for 2 weeks, and had a garage sale in order to afford to start. 3 years later I was making 6 figures. 3 years after that and I am earning a high 6 figure income. That income has afforded me peace of mind, a safe & lively home, and the ability to expose my family to all kinds of experiences. Absolutely it was a short term sacrifice for a long term gain."
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Krystle Monroe

"I'm a plus size woman who overcame her fears and decided it was time to just do it! Joining TeamMADE was the best decision I made for my health. Prior to joining the team, I was at a plateau with my weight loss. I tried everything on the market and my weight would fluctuate. The support and accountability I received from the team is what has helped me lose 90 pounds so far. I'm still writing my story and I hope to motivate and inspire others who feel the same way I did."
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Cinthanie Petralia

"As a 20 year old, I was so hesitant about becoming a coach as I felt like the industry was dominated by amazing stay at home moms. At the time, I didn't even realize what an incredible opportunity this really is but I trusted in Melissa as my mentor and TeamMADE as my backbone. Fast forward two years, It has turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. Having the incredible support system of TeamMADE (where I've made life long friends) and Melissa's guidance, it has lead me to be financially self sufficient at just 22 years old.

Lauren Fitzgerald

"After having TONS of Beachbody coaches PRIVATELY reach out to me and ask if I’ve ‘ever thought about coaching’ I decided to look into to this thing called coaching that these online ‘friends' were indirectly dancing around. Once I realized that these strangers were actually spot on the money about what a perfect fit BEACHBODY coaching would be for me, I knew that I did not want just anyone to be my own personally sponsored coach. So…what did I do? I found a few of the top coaches in the network and watched them from afar as I waited for my gut to tell me who was the right mentor for me. After almost a year, timing was right and my instincts kept pointing me to this woman who I initially discovered via her being interviewed by Chalene Johnson on the podcast “The Chalene Show.” I took the plunge and filled the person that both my head and my heart led me to and I became a TeamMADE coach on October 30, 2015. Melissa’s leadership, role modeling and guidance have been CRUCIAL in the success that I’ve had so far in Beachbody. In the last six months I have become a 3 Star Diamond Coach and am currently ranked #21 in the entire network and THAT, has EVERYTHING to do with my mentor and her guidance throughout these past 6 months! I’m a goal driven female but I think I met my match in Melissa because she continues to indirectly challenge me to be better every damn day and THAT is the kind of mentor that I strive to be for my coaches!!! #lovemesomeTeamMADE"

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